Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charlie Sheen...Giant's pitcher Brian Wilson invited to par-tay hearty! Major League stink!

Don't play with me
(cause 'ya play with fire)

Hollywood's bad-boy, Charlie Sheen, fueled up his private jet (in spite of the soaring gas prices at the pumps in recent days) so that his pilot could whisk baseball Giant-great - Brian Wilson (the wild bearded one) - to par-tay at his tony Hollywood Hills estate over the weekend.

A posse of other "Diamond" athletes were on the prestigious guest list, too.

When probed by one reporter about the strange bedfellows, a manager for the Giants just shrugged.

"Johnson is not the norm, when it comes to baseball players," he uttered up in so many words!

Indeed, the talented pitcher obviously dances to the tune of a different drummer.

Critics on the frenzied media circuit snickered over the broadcast airwaves over the weekend - that instead of being seduced by glamorous sexy hookers and treated to mounds of nose candy - that a screening of a flick (no, not a porno, just "Major League") was the party favor offered up.

Fans of Sheen (are there any out there?) may recall that the troubled drug-addled actor starred in a couple of the off-the-wall comedies.


I speculate that conniving Charlie was out-to-bend a few arms of the athletes in tow, with the specific aim of landing a couple of the studs for cameo roles cameo roles in the 4th installment due to lens in the near future.

News at 11!


Big-time operator, Sheen!