Tuesday, February 22, 2011

God's mysterious ways...the gift of healing! Grace Cathedral in San Francisco!


Healing Hands!

Once again, God's mysterious ways have astounded me!

For instance, the night before last, I stumbled across a book on "Healing" (by chance?) based on the teachings of an Eastern Master which ring just as true today as when they were first published a half-a-century ago by a San Francisco publishing house!

In fact, as I read the spiritual passages therein - I was immediately struck by the fact that the ideas set forth by the authentic Guru - were along-the-lines of a handful of philosophical musings gleaned from the yearnings of my own blessed heart over the past decade or two.

In particular, I found the theories - that articulated on the principles behind "healing", "purification", and "magnetism" - resonated with truth to the very core of my being!

Needless to say, I was not at all surprised when I ran smack-dab into a mystical experience bright-and-early the next morning - and a brush with the Lord - as I trekked up California Street into the tony environs of Nob Hill.


Shortly after I strolled into GRACE CATHEDRAL (one of my favorite Churches in the Bay area), I was suddenly bathed in pool of rainbow colors by virtue of a stream of light shining through a stained-glass window from on high above me.

On the heels of the cleansing awakening, the Church bells suddenly rang out!

"For whom do the bells toll?" I wondered to myself.

At this juncture, it came to my attention that a service was about to commence in a small Chapel at the front of the spectacular Cathedral.

I quickly ushered myself into a seat just as the Priest began to utter up the first words of the scriptures to the solemn parishioners humbly gathered there.

Lo & Behold!

Subject matter in the stray book on "Healing" (which I came across the evening before) was the focus of her Sermon at Grace!

In fact, at one point - the Priest asked if anyone recalled a little tune with lyrics that went something like - "this little light of mine".

Within a few precious seconds, I found myself singing out.

"This little light of mine. I'm going to let it shine!"

In response, the Priest nodded her joyous approval from the podium up front!

In a round-about-way, my ambition to sing in the Church was fulfilled at long last.

Offers for this tenor to sing for his supper in the future are graciously accepted!



After the service, a man spied the book on healing in my hand, and trotted up to quiz me.

"What is that you are reading there?"

Suddenly, I found myself giving a brief dissertation on the power of "healing".

"Did you know that if you open up your heart, you can heal the world?" I found myself blurting out.

It hit me like a thunderbolt.

God was bestowing upon me the gift of healing!


Holy Spirit is present!