Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Justin with Coach Mike Gundy! All about "Ringtones", dudes!

Justin Bieber and football coach Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State) strange bedfellows?

Not exactly!

But, the winsome twosome have struck up a healthy "Ringtone" admiration Society!

'Ya see, the teen heartthrob caught wind of Gundy's rant.

"Come After me! I'm a Man! I'm 40!"

Needless to say, the pop flavor of the month thought it was a laugh riot.

So, quick as a wink (and the bashing of a pretty eyelash later) the "Bieb" downloaded the catchy mantra onto his high-tech cell with the red-hot private number.

Needless to say, Gundy jumped on the kid's bandwagon when the scuttlebutt hit his ear - by installing a "Ringtone" of the Bieb's hit single - "Baby".

I guess, there's something about a man in a uniform!

What's goin' on in-between the designer sheets?

News at 11!