Saturday, February 19, 2011

Justin Bieber...Most Valuable Player in NBA Celebrity Basketball match!

Justin Bieber dazzled fans - and athletes alike - with his performance on the court over the weekend in an NBA celebrity basketball match.

The kid - hot-to-trot - turned out to be an exemplary team-player to the surprise of a handful of sports enthusiasts gushing on the sidelines.

Bieber scored eight points, landed four assists and scooped two rebounds - for the West team - which ended up losing 54 - 49 to the East.

In spite of the fact the "Bieb's" team lost, the young pop star was named MVP (Most Valuable Player).

Go figure!

Just betcha, critics of the flavor of the month thought he was just a cream puff - and a flash in the pan, to boot - eh?

Bieber's got all the right stuff!

But, that new "do" - gracing the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine - was something else altogether, wasn't it?


Star Athlete!