Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Maverick Surf Contest...fizzles out on West Coast! No waves, Moon Doggie!

One of the West Coast's most-anticipated outdoors events - the Maverick Surf Contest - appears to be fizzling into oblivion this year due to the capricious nature of the weather.

In February, surfers are usually excitedly belting out - "Surf's Up" - as the mammoth waves crash the picturesque California coastline (at Half-moon Bay & elsewhere) in stunning God's country.

But, the dudes are SOL this season, Moon Doggie!

Will par-tay hearty spring break ever be the same without the wild beach soiree?


As the surf gently rolls into the shore, folks are more inclined to take a stroll, or catch some rays!

But, before you can say - winter squall - things might just turn around.

Stay posted for updates, eh?



Surf dudes hang ten for the big one!