Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Psychic Julian Ayrs! Gift of prophecy!

Ever since I was a youth, I was intrigued by the Arcane Arts.

Because my own childhood was unusual - and I was baffled me as to what God's plans were for me - I dabbled in the occult for the answers.

I turned out to be quite adept at interpretting the tarot cards, charting palms, and tuning into auras!

And, over time, developed my intuitive powers.

In the early eighties, the Vancouver Sun (Southam News/Canada penned a profile on my involvement with the art of palmistry, and about the same time my gift in this arena was also stumbled upon by Florida's National Examiner (U.S. tabloid).

Then, in approximately 1982, I was invited to become a regular guest on CKVU's morning TV show - Tomorrow's Fortune - which focused on psychic pheonomenon.

Each day I appeared on the innovative broadcast, viewers dialed in from home, for forecasts over the telephone switchboard.

Over the next few years, I built up a large cliente of clients around the globe - a Princess in the Middle East, show-biz celebrities in Hollywood, and quite a few regular folks anxious to determine how their fortunes would pan out in the near-or-distant future.

There were some perks, too.

One of my clients worked at Häagen-Dazs - so - whenver a payment for my services were mailed out - the successful executive included a handful of coupons for free ice cream!

Unfotunately, one of my predictions put an end to all that.

One day - when he dialed up for a forecast - I noted that a large business entity was about to purchase the company.

"That's why I'm calling," he blurted out excitedly.

"The rumors have been circulating that General Foods may buy us out."

One Elderly women who swore up-and-down that she would never marry again, after I offered up the curious prediction out of my crystal ball!

Needless to say, she met the love of her life, shortly after that.

The contented middle-aged lady still calls me now-and-then to keep me abreast of her fulfilling romantic fling!


I was right in spite of the odds against the forecast!

Needless to say, I have always been quite popular as a psychic.

At trade shows - when I appear by special invitation for special functions - believers queue up in long lines for an hour-or-two to get up-close-and-personal for a private reading.

For a short while, though, I closed-up shop.


I headed for California where I proceeded to seek out film & television opportunities in show business as an actor/singer.

My thoughts on that subject - and my own ideas about the gift of prophecy - were featured in a post I published a couple of years ago.

Post:  09/27/07

However, now that my blog is Internationally-well-known, old clients are tracking me down once again.

Consequently, I am in business again, if only for their sake in these troubled times.

You betcha!

For those who seek a forecast - or spiritual guidance - my door is wide open.

$100.00 per session
(no time-limit)



Snail Mail

Julian Ayrs
8424 Santa Monica Blvd
Suite No. A251
West Hollywood, CA



Peace & Love