Thursday, February 24, 2011

Robert aquisition boosts West Coast cultural scene! S & M nudes & sculpted flowers!

Flower series a fave pour moi!

Due to a concerted effort on the part of two prestigious Art Institutes - the J. Paul Getty Trust and the respected Los Angeles Museum of Art - a coveted cache of Robert Mapplethorpe works have been scooped up for a song for permanent exhibit on the West Coast.

A coup - especially when you consider the fact that the controversial artist's haunts (when he was very-much-alive and making waves around the country with startling - at times titillating - images that were primarily rooted deep in tony Gallery environs east of the Rockies.

The two upstart organizations cobbled together approximately 200 unique pieces - with a major thrust on exceptional works featured in the celebrated XYZ Portfolio - which spotlight sculpted flower stills and a select series of erotic (sometimes downright nasty) nudes that reveal Mapplethorpe's healthy lust (and longing) for the male physique.

The flowers - fluttered - and singled out Mapplethorpe's uncanny flair for impeccable uncluttered design.

On the other hand, at the opposite end of the spectrum, arousing S & M nudes devoid of warmth - and clinical in approach, at times - hinted the visionary was a surrealist at heart.

To round out the collection, the curators snapped up an archive emboldened by 120,000 negatives, 3500 Polaroids (used to prep canvasses during the creative process), and a smattering of personal and professional letters that afford insight into Mapplethorpe's complex psyche.

Art lovers - and music fans - are particularly intrigued over the love letters fired back-and-forth between two improbable bedfellows (Mapplethorpe & rocker Patti Smith).

Stay posted for news of an upcoming thought-provoking exhibit surely on the way!

See 'ya there!

Patti Smith & Mapplethorpe rocked!