Saturday, February 19, 2011

San Francisco...Caruso's delectable desserts @ St. Francis Hotel!

Westin St. Francis Hotel at Union Square!

If you have a sweet tooth - or you're just inclined to plunk down and take a respite from it all amidst the tony environs of a luxury Hotel for a precious moment or two - then slip into Caruso's in the main lobby of the St. Francis Hotel in downtown San Francisco.

The mouth-watering desserts are not only delectable - but affordable - too!

For example, an Eespresso Creme Brulee may be rustled up from the kitchen for a mere $4.50 (tax and tip not included).

And, what a treat that turns out to be!

When the handsome young waiter slipped the dessert in front of me onto the elegant table top, I found it difficult to dig in, so enthralling was the presentation.

The offering was not unlike a work of art, after all, which consisted of a triangle of glazed chocolate floating over a ball of delicious creamy chocolate that beckoned from the designer plate with delicious aplomb.

A zillion calories at least!

But - heh - it's important to spoil yourself now-and-then.

Don't 'ya think?

A glass of wine is a pricier proposition at $13.00 a pop.

But, what the heck.

You only live once, eh?


Delectable Desserts life's wicked pleasure!