Sunday, February 20, 2011

San Francisco...Chinatown street festival attracts thousands! Year of Hare blossoms!

On the heels of the jubilant celebrations at the annual Chinese Parade in the streets of San Francisco last evening, throngs of locals - and tourists alike - trotted down to Grant Street in Chinatown to participate in the Community Fair today.

The rains let up - and the sun shone through - fortunately for optimistic merchants who offered up samples of exotic Asian cuisine, chances to win prizes at roulette wheels, and bargain-basement prices on goods and services under a flurry of sprightly-colored canvas tents erected at the curb.

I made out like a bandit!

During the course of my joyous trek along the narrow picturesque street - packed a few people deep - I managed to scoff up a beautiful decorative Chinese fan, a pretty oversize calendar for my office, eye-catching key-chain, and an assortment of nifty pens that'll undoubtedly come in handy.

If you stumble on this post early enough in the day, you may be able to hot-foot it down there and take in the festive event first-hand.

May your "Year of the Hare" blossom, eh?