Friday, February 18, 2011

San Francisco...seen & heard in City streets! Crime to be broke!

If you're inclined to dash across a thoroughfare between pedestrian walks in bustling downtown San Francisco, you may end up the target of a demented soul, who tracks jay-walkers at random.

Once he spies an unsuspecting individual in the midst of their unlawful act, he takes it upon himself to insult 'em by screaming all-manner of obscenities in their direction.

"Use a crosswalk, a**hole," he often screams out at startled pedestrians unprepared for the verbal attack out-of-the-blue.

At least he's not vested with any powers, so a ticket for their thoughtless offense, will not be forthcoming in the foreseeable future.

Astounded tourists (and locals) pay for it in abuse, though!

Meanwhile, at the crack-of-dawn the other morning, I caught sight of one of the City's men-in-blue shaking down a homeless person wrapped in a blanket shivering in the cold.

"Do you have any money," the gruff Police Officer barked at the desperate man.

"No. Is it a crime to be broke," he responded bitterly, as he cowered in the street.

In San Francisco, the answer is "yes", obviously!

Meanwhile, the teaming masses swarm the streets, oblivious to the seamy-side of life that thrives all-around-them on well-trodden Market Street (seemingly without a care in the world).

Or, are they simply looking the other way?

Romantic City by the Bay!