Sunday, February 27, 2011

Walt Whitman...In Paths Untrodden! Calamus & LBGT cultural exhibit! San Francisco Library!

Skylight Gallery @ San Francisco Library

Walt Whitman has always been a beloved poet who impacted many lives over the decades he strode this mortal coil penning poetry and prose.

Now, on the 150th anniversary of the 1st publication of Whitman's - "homo-affectional" poem titled "Calamus" - the San Francisco Main Library staff have installed a thought-provoking tribute to the man.

"This exhibition articulates the place and importance of "Calamus" in LGBT culture and draws a connection between the poems and the creation of the modern LGBT community (with an emphasis on the Radical Fairie Movement)," according to the curators.

With the discerning artful use of text, photos, antiquarian books and newspapers - the exhibit seeks to fathom up Whitman’s vision of the “love of comrades” - and the social and political role he saw it playing in that larger project (the creation of America).


Gay & Lesbian Center
Exhibit Space
San Francisco Main Library
100 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA

(415) 557-4400


March 1st - May 19th