Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WordPress...illegal censure & rights violations! Site run by radical a**holes!

Last year, I posted an expose on WORDPRESS when webmasters at that site attempted to illegally censure me - with the aim of silencing my "voice" - which resulted in a violation of my rights.

Post: 12/28/2009

Consequently, I refrained from contributing posts to their web pages in the months that followed.

However, it came to my attention - that in spite of the fact I basically "abandoned" the site - WORDPRESS was continuing to publish my feature articles on the Internet without my permission.

In addition, e-mails I received daily, verified that a large number of surfers on the World Wide Web were still posting messages on the site expecting a response back from MOI!

For this reason, I elected to give WORDPRESS a second chance, with the sincere intention of healing old wounds, potential misunderstandings, and what-have-you.

For the past few months, I posted a number of articles at my pop culture blog, without problem.

Then, last night - out-of-the-blue - WORDPRESS archived the blog without notice or stating on what legitimate (legal) grounds the action was being taken against my feature articles.

Talk about unprofessional unethical (illegal) conduct on the Internet!

Curiously, the "black out" took place on the heels of a post I published on Egypt (and the uprising in the Middle East in recent days).

In retrospect, it is obvious to me now that WORDPRESS has tried to silence my thoughts on the conflicts.

In sum, WORDPRESS is not only being run by radicals these days - but outright a**holes!

I'd say - "string 'em up by the balls - but (the truth of the matter is) they don't have any!

Bottom line?

They know where they can put their rinky-dink blog site!

Avoid WORDPRESS like the plague.

To quote the bible:

Never throw pearls before swine!