Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zsa Zsa Gabor...daughter cries foul over fake Prince's treatment of ailing star!

Francesca in happier days!

For a while now, it's been common knowledge that Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter - Francesca (sired by Conrad Hilton) - has been cast out (banned from visiting her mother at the upscale Bel Air Estate) ever since the aging sexpot was inclined to tie-the-knot with Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt (a fake European Royal).

In recent days, Francesca - a lesser-beauty who can't hold a candle to the other blond bombshells in family circles (a black sheep in the genes department, too, eh?) - has been crying foul to friends and business associates over Anhalt's alleged misconduct.

In particular, Zsa Zsa's lone child has been scandalized by the fact that the "Prince" may have neglected her mother - so much so - that his careless caretaker duties have negatively impacted Gabor's overall health and well-being.

For starters, Francesca has wondered aloud about the celebrated star's emergency visits to the hospital, among other things.

"Why was it necessary to have her leg amputated," she lamented far-and-wide to all within earshot in the aftermath.

Zsa Zsa's estranged daughter has also criticized von Anhalt for neglecting her mother's appearance on a handful of occasions he's allowed the usually-bed-ridden Superstar to saunter out-of-doors.

"My mother always wore make-up. And, her hair was always kept up," she spouted off angrily in so many words on a TV Tabloid news show this past week.

In recent weeks, pitiful publicity shots have depicted Zsa Zsa as a tired old woman, who appears to be on death's bed as a result.


How difficult is it to apply a dollop of lipstick or affix a well-coiffed wig to a once-pretty head?

Personally, I was quite disturbed when it was revealed that Zsa Zsa's husband allegedly gave the go-ahead for the actress's leg to be amputated, without securing her approval (or at least informing her) first.

For a former beauty - who took pride in her appearance - it must have been quite a blow to arrive home from the hospital sans a leg.

Of course, I am not familiar with all the pertinent details, so I can't pass judgment in the final analysis.

After all, if Ms. Gabor was unconscious - and a decision was needed in an emergency situation - then the action on the part of the Prince was understandable.

Don't 'ya think?

Especially, in the event he was granted the power of attorney!

But, the tongues are still wagging, nonetheless.

Recent plans to put the tony estate on the market must have set off warning bells in poor little Francesca's corner of the world I expect.

Will she be cut out of the will, too?

News at 11!


In stylish days of yesteryear!