Thursday, March 10, 2011

$1.00 joints...offered in mean streets of San Francisco! Battle rages over pot dispensaries!

Don't Bogart that joint!


As the battle rages over the legality of pot dispensaries around the country (in respect to licensing, for starters) growers are braving the political (and economic) storm by reaching out to consumers first-hand (and cutting out the middle-man in the process).

For example, yesterday, a casually-dressed pedestrian offered me a joint for a buck on Market Street.

Although I didn't take the enterprising marijuana salesman up on his offer (if I toke on a joint, I get lost in the pattern of a carpet) it did cause to me pause and wonder to myself.
Are the dealers checking for legal papers (prescriptions that verify the individual is entitled to partake by virtue of the compassionate use of medical marijuana laws in California) before they wrap up the sale?

Notwithstanding, it should be noted that the pungent aroma of the green leafy stuff wafts daily beyond the fringes of outdoor cafes, and hangs thick in the hallways of quaint boutique Hotels around San Francisco.


This picturesque respite by the bay is going to pot, alright.

Should city officials (and law enforcement, too) just throw up their hands in despair and look the other way?

News at 11!

You betcha!