Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Artists Guild of San Francisco...elitist organization runs closed shop! Maintain strangle-hold on Union Square Exhibition Space!

Artists have complained that the Artists Guild of San Francisco is not only running an elitist "closed-shop" - but, in the process - trying to maintain a strangle-hold on Exhibition space outdoors at Union Square in downtown San Francisco!

For example, when a tourist or local stumbles on an art display in the park-like setting, they assume that Artists have hung out their works in a free-enterprise situation with the aim of rustling up sales and gaining exposure for their artistic efforts (sketches, paintings, sculpture).

On closer scrutiny, keener eyes may spy a kiosk propped-up nearby, which tout the artists by virtue of a handful of slick photographic publicity stills, resumes, and what-have-you.

But, the sinister truth is far from innocent in nature, in fact.

For instance, when an artist contacts the Artists Guild of San Francisco with the specific aim of becoming member - and with the express desire to exhibit their artwork in Union Square, too - their requests are ignored.


The hapless artisans are snubbed - at which point - the awful truth rears ugly its ugly head.

The Guild is an elitist organization - which caters to the selfish self-serving greed of the members - at the expense of a multitude of deserving (more-talented) artists.
When you consider that taxpayer foot the bill for the upkeep of the Exhibition space at Union Square, bottom line, the actions of the Artists Guild of San Francisco are an outrage.

In a civilized community, the selfish actions of a few - to the detriment of the many - should not be tolerated.

I say, turf them out, and open up the space to all artists!



Closed-shop run by greedy artists!