Monday, March 14, 2011

The Bachelor...Brad Womack into sloppy seconds! Swan song tonight!

No more sloppy seconds for Brad!


In a recent interview, a reporter quizzed "The Bachelor" - Brad Womack - as to why he elected to appear on the tawdry reality dating show baring-all.

After all, the dude is a good-looking catch, quite a lot on-the-ball.

Apparently, Womack was tired of being dateless, and anxious to play the field.

"I welcomed the opportunity to date 30 women I've never seen before."

In the insightful one-on-one tell-all, the rough-and-tumble stud fessed up that he was always so busy in the past, that he was forced to date girls in Austin that his friends had already bedded!


'Til now, allegedly it's been nothing but sloppy seconds, for Brad.


Meanwhile, ABC appears to warm up to the idea of "unpredictable second-helpings", too.

After all, Womack was featured on the ratings-getter in the seasons past, but went home "empty-handed" ( and unable to bed the woman of his dreams).

But, according to inside sources, the lanky due has been smitten this time around.

And tonight - he is expected to get down on bended knee - and profess his love.

Will Womack ride off into the sunset with the lady of his dreams?

Tune in at 8 o'clock tonight to find out!

Just betcha, there's gonna be another case of blue balls on the horizon, though.

News at 11!

All the pretty maids in a row!
(or two)