Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bachelor...pops question with dazzling bling! Drama tears at heart-strings!

Critics were wrong?


That was quite a dazzling sparkler that Brad Womack selected for the woman of his dreams last night on the hit night-time reality show "The Bachelor".


Gosh, I got tired of waiting for Prince Charming to surprise me with some bling, so I went out bought my own.

Thank you very much!

But, when push came to shove (poor choice of words?), the handsome stud was on bended-knee, because he was definitely in the market for a bride.

Judging by the emotional drama that went down last night, it was quite evident that the Austin resident elected to go with his heart!

For a moment, it appeared that he was going to have cold feet, though.

For example, when his first choice (a blond beauty his family was obviously pulling for) read him the riot act about the responsibilities of fatherhood that lay ahead, Womack appeared to have doubts.

The drama heightened when Emily Maynard kicked herself for screwing up.

In her mind's eye, the sexy wannabe bride, felt she may have scared the suitor off.

"I always get insecure and it spoils everything," she wailed in so many words in the aftermath of one tense emotional moment.

But, love prevailed, and there was a fairy-tale Hollywood ending.

For one of the contestants, at least.

Poor Chantall (the woman who shocked the country in the season opener when she slapped Womack

"I feel so foolish," she sniffed, as the limo whisked her away, to be banished for evermore.

Brad handled the situation pretty well, though.

After noting that he was truthful about how he felt about her (which led her to believe she might have been the "one"), he softened the blow of rejection by uttering up a reality that may have been difficult to swallow nonetheless.

"My feelings are someone else were stronger," he fessed up.

A gentleman to the end, alright.

Meanwhile, congrats are in order for Brad and Emily, alright!