Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Barry concert @ Royce Hall! UCLA March 22nd!

Barry is a dog lover!

Barry Manilow - ever-popular lounge lizard pop and prolific songwriter - trots onto the Royce Hall stage to perform live! (UCLA campus) on March 22nd.

No doubt, the youthful pop crooner - who penned such memorable tunes as "Copacabana", "Mandy", and "Looks like We Made it" - will pack the house with a cross-section of fans (young & old alike) that he has scooped up over the past few decades.

Deservedly, so!

One of his biggest chart-toppers - "I Write the Songs" - was actually not composed by Barry (which may come as a surprise to die-hard music-lovers) but by Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys.

A bit of trivia you can trick you friends with at future pot-lucks!

But, from what I understand from inside sources - the "do" (every luscious strand) - is all Manilow's (no rug for this pop survivor, eh?).

Tickets are going fast, just betcha, so you better get-on-the-ball pronto.

See 'ya there!



Royce Hall
UCLA Campus
Westwood, CA



Elegant Royce Hall!