Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bob Dylan...ironic that! Minstrel performs in Communist Vietnam! April 10th!


Are issues black & white?

The appeal of a handful of artists across a myriad of foreign landscapes (in spite of the social and political stance) is not only evident - but, a bit mind-boggling - in view of the recent announcement that Bob Dylan (a celebrated anti-war protestor in the sixties) is slated to perform live! in Vietnam on April 10th.

Not the intimate setting of the Warfield (in San Francisco) that legend is used to - but - what the heck!

Say, didn't that shaggy-haired bohemian, lament the horrors of communism in his ballsy upstart-youth?

Oh, yeah!

"The times they are-a-changin', alright!"

The eccentric musically-inspired poet (with roots in both the folk and rock-beat eras) has obviously opted to toss caution to the wind so that he might rustle up a posse of admirers in a breathless (jaded?) foreign generation (in addition to die-hard fans of yesteryear) in a 8,250-seat stadium.

Will Dylan get into the spirit of the moment and  pen a pop tune in honor of Ho Chi Minh, too?

A hypocrite?

No, just maybe, Bob's mellowing (and getting optimistic) with old age.

News at 11!

Bob inspired an anti-war sentiment!