Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brian Wilson...Giants pitcher eccentric! News Anchors take jabs at sports weirdo!

News anchors have been shaking their heads over the antics of Giants pitcher Brian Wilson in recent days.

For starters, they've been raising eyebrows over the athlete's alleged "friendship" with Hollywood bad-boy, Charlie Sheen.

Management in the front office for the Giants just shrug when quizzed on the subject of the two strange "bedfellows".

"Brian Wilson is not your normal ball-player," one coach uttered up on the field during warm-ups, almost under their breath.

Then, there is the issue of the high-profile ball-player's Official Web Site.

A posse of frenzied media types find the fan site a tad odd!

For instance, Wilson has invited guests to post publicity stills featuring their beloved beards!

In addition, the Wilson ego-builder is rife with a lot of other curious goings-on, in-between the rich multi-media web pages.

But, I guess the old saying applies when a major league pro ball player figures into the scheme of things, eh?

For example - if a regular Joe is poor and acts strange - he's labelled a "crazy".

In contrast, reporters politely refer to Wilson (a star stud) as "eccentric".
Talk about being diplomatic (or side-stepping the issue).

I say, call a spade a spade!

News at 11!


Pal bad-boy Charlie!