Sunday, March 27, 2011

BritneyMania...hits streets of San Francisco! Gays burn CD's???


As I headed up Polk Street bright-and-early this morning, I spied a 6' 3" tall muscle-bound stud all dolled-up in a pink satin frock, paired with chic pricey heels, topped with a blond fright wig (a parody of you-know-who?); a bevy of bodacious boy-toys cruising merrily-along; and a line of Britney Spears fans that snaked - somewhat uniformly (with the help of the City's finest) - down-and-around several blocks as far as the naked eye could see.

About every ten minutes or so, when the queue inched forward, the thronging masses roared so loudly that the commotion could be heard a 1/4 of-a-mile-away.

Of course, the Pop Diva - Britney Spears - was about to take the stage live! in a free concert sponsored by ABC TV's popular morning talk show "Good Morning America".

However, up until curtain call, there was still some confusion about where Ms. Britney was set to alight her sexy bod!

This was evident, when I stopped to snap up a soda, and overheard two studly young guys chatting each other up.

"Just think, right now we could be in the Castro District with thousands of hotties watching the Britney Spears concert outside the Castro Theatre," one cutie chirped to his obvious lover.


Last minute, citing security issues, ABC was inclined to relocate the Spears extravaganza to the Civic Center in downtown Frisco, instead.

As I noted in a post last evening, a few of the shopkeepers on Castro Street also complained about the potential loss of business due to traffic jams (!), which may have figured into things a tad.

Post:  03/26/11

Some dim-wit actually sent me a message to inform me that the concert was cancelled; then, in the next breath noted that it had been moved to the Civic Center.


ABC TV never cancelled the show, they simple changed the venue, for security reasons.
Needless to say, dedicated Britney-ites managed to fathom the mystery out, and ended up at the "Church" on time.

Was that God-awful stench wafting over the City by the Bay the residual effects of CD's burning all over the Castro District at the witching hour?

This morning - when I conducted a Britney Spears image search - I also spotted a couple of nasty photo shopped stills that spoke volumes.

Hell hath no fury like a Queen scorned!!!

But, for the most part, the shining multitudes who turned up this morning were nonplussed about the last-minute switcheroo.

Brit followers were elevated into the realms of ecstasy at the thought of being just an arm's-length away.

Provided they passed mustard with the burly security guards at the door.

Because City Officials were adamant that there would not be any "sleep-overs" in the squeaky-clean confines of the impressive Civic Center last night, Diva-lovers were forced to rise (maybe not shine) early to land a coveted spot in the limelight.

"I've been here since 7 o'clock," I overheard one pretty babe in Britney gear flutter to all within earshot.

There was quite a media frenzy too, as helicopters buzzed overhead non-stop to capture an aerial view of the Britney phenomenon.

Curiously, a publicity still of Billy Graham on one wall of the concert hall screamed out to the gathering throngs:

"Jesus forgives you!"

And, Britney's fans, obviously.


An image ABC TV prefers!