Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen...wacko actor loses custody of boys! Slippery slope to hell!

Happier daze!

After catching Charlie Sheen's 20/20 interview last night on the old boob tube (with bodacious babes frolicking around in the background), I was not surprised to learn on the morning news that Police protective services whisked away the troubled actor's twin sons overnight.


On the heels of a mind-boggling one-on-one with a network news reporter, the children's mother - Brooke Mueller - charged into court and secured an "order" for custody of the young innocents.

In addition, Sheen's estranged wife urged a "restraining order" (she alleges Charlie threatened her) - requiring that show-biz-land's Superman incarnate "stay away" - a plea that was duly granted by the Judge presiding over the proceedings at the crack of dawn.

For Sheen, it was "business-as-usual".

Streaming videos - capturing the bleary-eyed Dad handing over the children to authorities in the spooky dead-of-night - capped a week-long rant  - that raged in the mainstream media and wildly over the blogosphere (ultimately culminating in the cancellation of his popular highly-rated TV sitcom).

Insults levelled at the top brass at the Network were the final straw.

In announcing the cancellation of "Two and a Half Men" the suits ushered in the final blow.

If necessary, John Stamos (a lesser talent) would take on the role once inhabited by the drug-addled star.


In a knee-jerk reaction, the hazard-around-town (or any other), threatened to sue the Network for $300 million (or thereabouts, give-a-buck or two).

Meanwhile, it was quite evident from the 20/20 spot, that Sheen had lost quite a bit of it.

The once-handsome actor was tired-looking, spoke in a wonky fashion, and looked for all-the-world like a loser!

Say it ain't so, Charlie!

I recall the first time I met the actor.

Casting booked me to work in a scene for a feature film - "Boys Next Door" (Penelope Spheris/Director) - which was shot at the old Revolver (Gay Bar) in West Hollywood.

During a break, I stepped outside, and came face-to-face with Mr. Sheen.

I was immediately struck by how short he was.

But, the up-and-coming talent was fresh-faced - a hottie - and possessed a kind of "it" quality which could not be denied.

But, slim pickings next to co-star Maxwell Caulfield, of course (hunk city, alright!).

Sheen shifted on one foot, and gave me a quick once-over, with a noticeable gleam in the eye.

Was he light in the loafers?

Years later, I strolled into Ermenegildo Zegna in Beverly Hills, and spied an older-wiser Sheen holding court.

The high-profile celeb sported a chic goatee, pencil-thin moustache, and was decked out in chi-chi designer threads to-the-nines.

Each word was punctuated with a wave of one hand or a puff on fat cigar.

A bigger man, somehow.

Was Sheen wearing lifts in his expensive footwear, I wondered to myself, as I gave him a polite little nod.

Probably, what irked me most about the interview last evening, was the flagrant way he flaunted his debauched lifestyle in front of the wee lads.

A foster child myself, I can't help but worry about their sad demise in the end scenario.

I applaud the court for stepping in!

Charlie boasted about his "Goddesses" - which must have been a slap in the face to his is ex-wives - too.

Of course, the self-styled stud (a Hugh Hefner wannabee?) is living the dream of most hot-blooded males across the country.

Two bimbo babes at his beck and call, catering to his every whim, damn straight!

And, why are they "Goddesses", pray tell?

Well, for starters, when he says "suck" - they whisper in his ear - "how hard?"

It was also shameful the way he put-down his father Martin Sheen.

Years ago - I was cast to play a news reporter on an MOW titled "News at 11" - in which Martin starred.

At the end of the last day's shoot, the director informed Mr. Sheen that there wasn't enough time to do the required close-ups (coverage) on both him and me.

Most actors - vain ego-maniacs that they usually are - would demand the close-up for themselves.

"Shoot him," Martin instructed the director, without-batting-an-eye.

Yeah, the man said give the kid a break, that's how totally selfless he was (and is).

If there is a hand reaching out from his direction now, it is only a loving one with decent intentions, I daresay.

Don't turn your back on your father, Charlie, he's a good man!

On that note, how was your day?


Respected Actor