Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen...winning streak ends! In words of Donald Trump...


In response to Charlie Sheen's laments over the weekend that the brass at the Network failed to return his telephone calls regarding the production of - "Two and a half Men" - the execs at Warner Brothers finally ended the suspense.

Instead of a jolt in the arm, the suits delivered a lethal blow.


In the words of the immortal Donald Trump, they were inclined to utter up:

"You're fired!"

Since the fate of the show is still up-in-the-air, pundits have been quick to drag long-in-the-tooth actor John Stamos into the frey (a possible replacement) to underscore a Hollywood reality.

Everyone can be replaced!

That's usually a given, when disputes arise with tempermental talents on the creative end, and especially rings true when troubles arise with vain egotistical actors starring in the hit shows.

Except with one notable exception in recent years.

If you recall - the cast of "Friends" were able to hold out - and achieve their big buck demands.

Why, pray tell?

Because all of the actors held their ground and stood together in the good fight.

In retrospect?

Charlie Sheen should have reached out to the other one-and-a-half men on the popular TV sitcom.

Is a reality show in the wings for Sheen now?

News at 11!


"You're fired!"