Saturday, March 12, 2011

Condoms...Gene Simmons tongue to grace rubber! KISS of death?

Well - there are blatant ads on City park benches, the dividers at Supermarket counters, you name it - so why not a slick (lubricated) graphic on a latex condom?

According to News reports bright-and-early this morning, the FDA has approved a condom which will feature the "tongue" of the KISS lead front man - Gene Simmons - in all its (um) potent thrust and glory.

It may be an enticing investment for those into sex toys and party favors, provided a dude measures up, that is.

If 'ya have a small weenie, you may put Gene to shame, but it's doubtful he'll sue for damaging his sexy persona in the heady world of Rock 'n Roll!

After all, his reputation precedes him!

Just ask Shannon Tweed - and a bevy of bodacious groupies over the years - eh Gene?

Can Mick Jagger be far behind in negotiations for a stake in the burgeoning sex market in the U.S. and abroad?

Sales may not be so great, though, especially when you consider Jagger's most memorable hit song.

I mean, who wants to sport a condom from a guy who laments:

"I can't get no satisfaction!"

News at 11!

Warring Rock Star tongues!