Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Culann's Hounds...stirred up St. Patrick's Day celebrations! Gig at Music Hall March 17th!

The St. Patrick's Day celebrations on Saturday at the Civil Plaza in downtown San Francisco was quite a blast!

There was quite a spirited turn-out (and a sea of green) as far as the Irish eyes could see!

I downed a couple of green ales - and a Mike's Hard Lemonade - and dived into the festivities with gay abandon.


A gang of kids hopped on the colorful rides - and squealed wildly as they dashed off to have their faces-painted - as their parents chowed-down on scrumptious Irish dishes.

In the midst, there was also a posse of half-drunk Irish studs dancing the jig, as bodacious babes partied-hearty and beckoned from beyond.

The highlight of the day (on the main stage) was a live! rambunctious set by Culann's Hounds - who revved up the crowd - 'til the final curtain came down on the wild raucous blow-out!

These howling dogs have a hard-rocking sound that - not only triggers a lot of foot-tapping - but gets the frenzied throngs up and dancing!
I'm predicting they'll be No. 1 with a bullet in the near future since they're ripe (and bound) to be scooped up by talent scouts soon.

For those of 'ya who missed 'em, they'll be playing at the Great American Music Hall on Thursday March 17th (St. Patrick's Day) on a bill with with The Brothers, Comatose, The Fucking Buckaroos (pardon my English, eh?), and whoever shows up to jam (I expect!).

Catch 'em if 'ya can!


Music scene in Frisco causing a buzz!