Thursday, March 31, 2011

Enrique Iglesias...pulls out of Britney Spears - er - tour! Diva (Latino Idol) miffed at 2nd billing!

No way, Jose!

Enrique Iglesias angrily stomped his foot, and pulled out of the Britney Spears tour late yesterday afternoon, after the Pop Diva announced to a gushing fan base that the sexy heartthrob would be hitting the road as her warm-up act.


Handlers noted in a terse press statement that the popular crooner was under the impression that the gig was going to be a "double-bill".

Once the disgruntled hit-maker caught wind of - what he perceived as a "step down" in his career - he was quick to cut the ties that bound him to the loopy Pop Star on a rebound in her own career daze.

What a humiliation!

And, you thought Divas only came in the female variety, eh?

Super Britney!
(not so superb to Enrique)