Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fed Ex ...run by sour pusses in San Francisco! Incompetent staff a downer!


There once was a time when actors, business folk - and advertising reps, too - flocked to Kinko's to meet all their copying, printing, and packaging needs!

The effervescent workers were outgoing and quick on-the-uptake!

Then, Fed Ex put the muscle on Kinko's, and maneuvered a slick take-over.

It's been downhill ever since!

My readers will recall - that I previously reported on the Fed Ex effort to guarantee no customer would be able slip out the door without paying for one measly copy - or heist a office supply or two when the staff weren't looking.

Post:  11/12/2011


Now , due to a piss-poor attitude - and incompetence of staff on duty - smart individuals are turning elsewhere to add a bit of spit-and-polish to their projects in San Francisco (and around the country).


At outlets like those at 726 Market Street (at Kearny), customers are forced to daily endure frowns across the counter - and left to fend for themselves - as scruffy smelly lay-abouts under the employ of Fed Ex stand around twiddling their thumbs (and scratching their fat asses).


And, customers would like to pick a bone with the giant corporate entity on another issue, if they had their druthers.

For instance, Kinko's used to stock the counters with an ample supply of staplers, paper clips, rubber bands - even highlighter - but in the aftermath of their take-over - those perks have gone by the way of the dinosaur!

If you trot over to cut a few storyboards on their equipment - chances are likely too - that the presentation will be ruined because of a dull blade (or two).


For the past week, the staff hasn't even bothered to sharpen the cutter, so unsuspecting victims are usually left in a lurch with a last-minute damage project.

Notwithstanding, consumers at the Market Street outlet, are also forced to endure the likes of a sloppy overweight mid-thirties gal (who appears to be stoned on drugs) and a snippy little Asian staffer (who thinks she's the cat's meow).

She's more like the bit** from hell, dudes!

Needless to say, customers seeking to complete a professional job, are warned to avoid this unprofessional Fed Ex store like the plague.

Losers, all!


Corporate Giant loses touch with customer base!