Saturday, March 5, 2011

Internet...intriguing ghosts from the past! Touching someone!

Heady days at Rochdale College!

Today, I am once again swept away by the remarkable mysteries of life, and - most certainly - the potent reach of the Internet!

For instance, earlier today, a curious e-mail arrived from across the miles from an individual I met by chance over forty years ago in Toronto (my hometown).

A young woman - by the name of Jennifer - zipped off the communication to determine if I was "Don" - who used to reside in an ashram suite at Rochdale College in 1968 (an experimental communal-living unit at the free school) - which was all decorated in black (and featured in TIME magazine that year).

In a previous post, I mentioned my heady days at the free college, in the turbulent sixties!

Post: 10/26/2008

So, I expect that by way of a precise search on GOOGLE, the lass was able to locate me years later, as I vacation here in San Francisco (and work on a new series of paintings).

In response, I composed a quick note to inform the acquaintance from the past  - that yes, indeed - I was the individual she was seeking from the ghostly (but memorable) days of her youth.

My birth name was "Donald", but years later - after I was separated from my family - I legally changed my name to Julian Ayrs (and - subsequently - my destiny was set on another path, too!).

Just now, I received a delightful e-mail back, in which Jennifer fondly recalled that I was kind-of-like a Pied-Piper who delighted folks way back then (when I was a free spirit and danced in the streets of downtown Toronto).


That's over four decades ago!

But, what touched me most, were the kind sentiments expressed therein.

Gosh, it's such a compliment to remembered so fondly over the years, and still be in the heart and mind of a innocent young girl, who was a mere eight years old when our paths originally first crossed!

Life is sweet, eh?

And, I count my blessings, for that!

Unknown Student
(Rochdale College on Bloor St. in Toronto)