Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jay Leno Show...Helen Hunt a control freak! Snatches cue cards from host's hands!

Surf is up!
(so was Hunt's ire!)

Over the years, make-up and wardrobe personnel at the studios (and in the employ of Independent Film companies) have tittered that Oscar Award-Winning actress - Helen Hunt - was difficult to work with.

After Ms. Hunt's appearance on the Jay Leno Show last night - it was quite evident to the multitudes that the normally low-key movie star is not only a control freak - but an ill-mannered guest to contend with!

Bookers on the late-night circuit beware!

An old Chinese proverb says it all.

"Never insult a host in his own home."

If you want to be asked back, that is.

So, what was all the brouhaha about?

When the talented thespian (who has played opposite respected biggies in the industry like megastar Jack Nicholson) was asked to participate in a quiz about surfing, a short way into the upbeat segment - the pushy broad not only balked at some of the questions - but was inclined to snatch the cue cards right out of Jay's sweaty palm!

Mr. Leno reacted politely, in spite of her outrageous behavior, but was obviously startled by Hunt's insulting conduct and lack of sense of humor (judging by the expression on his face).

Hunt was on the top-rated talk show to tout her new feature which is about the gripping real-life tale of a female surfer (which has been adapted for the Silver Screen) who lost her arm in a shark attack.

Hunt, getting on in years, was cast to play the mother for obvious reasons.

Because the ultra thin (she was all bones if 'ya ask moi) actress boasted to be a surfer, Jay was posed a few questions - understandably so - in an amusing bold-faced effort to sort-out the lingo surfers often coolly spit out as they dart off to hang ten.

Ms. Hunt wasn't put off by the first expression "gnarly", but - not surprisingly- she didn't get it quite right.

When Jay offered up the next expression - "tubed" - she reacted suspiciously (just betcha, she thought she was going to be the brunt of some twisted on-camera joke).

At this juncture, the ice Queen not only went through the roof, but committed the unthinkable.


Hunt put a halt to this phase of the interview, and did so, without an apology.

Across the country, I expect viewers at home were screaming at their television sets.


And, how was your day?

Leno fast on feet!