Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jimmy Fallon...snares Ben & Jerry's late-night Ice-Cream munchie!

Jimmy Fallon celebrated his 2nd Anniversary on the late night talk show circuit with an after-hours treat specially ordered up!


Ben & Jerry -  undisputed Kings of the Ice-Cream Empires - appeared in the opening segment last night - and surprised the quirky talk show host with his very own ice-cream pick!

"Late Night Snack" - a flavor which consists of Fair Trade rich Vanilla Bean, crunchy fudge chocolate-covered Potato Chips, and salty carmel-flavored swirls - is sure to be a hit with insomniacs with a severe attack of the munchies.

Willie Nelson, Elton John - and even a guitarist for the Grateful Dead - have been honored with their own brands, too.

So, Fallon enters the exalted ranks!

The downside?

The delicious new offering - available at B & J outlets across the country today - is sure to pack a wallop in the calorie department.

A zillion of the little suckers, at least!

Needless to say, in coming weeks, Fallon will probably start poking out of his smartly-tailored tux, if he continues to indulge in the yummy product on-camera each night.

Get thee to a treadmill, Jimmy, quick as a wink!

And, how was your day?

Soon there will be a lot to grab onto!