Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Joan Rivers...funny lady appears @ Castro Theatre! San Francisco March 12th!

Dishy Senior Citizen!

Joan Rivers may not be a sexy senior citizen, but she sure is an energetic one!

Flip the dial on your TV, and you're bound to stumble across her overly-stretched over-the-top mask-like persona on Fashion Police (where she roasts celebrity style victims each week on E Entertainment) or run smack-dab into the outrageous funny lady alongside daughter Melissa at a Red Carpet celebration at the Oscars, or the opening for a local supermarket (you-name-it).

In spite of her hectic non-stop TV schedule, Ms. Rivers still finds time to jet around the country for personal appearances, too!

Undoubtedly, Joan's comprehensive file - consisting of every joke she ever quipped over the last half-century-or-so from Vegas to Timbuktu - gets her through the fast-paced whirlwind of high-profile engagements (and the vigour's of coming up with zany entertaining material at-the-drop of-a-hat).


It's anticipated that when Ms. Rivers takes a trek up to the Castro Theatre on the Weekend (Saturday March 12th) - in fact - that there will be a bevy of stinging barbs aimed at celebrities in the glare of the spotlight sure to bust a gut or two.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan take cover!

Joan - the loud-mouthed broad with a penchant for ubiquitous gaudy jewellery, who made my worst-dressed list for 2010 ( surely won't disappoint the gay boys sure to pack the house in a neighborhood that is affectionately known as "Gay Gulch".

Can we talk?

You betcha, girl!

Our paths actually crossed a few years ago, when I was hired to play a "gay" fireman for a sight gag (a spoof on the Beverly Hills Fire Department) in her comedy special: 

A Salute to Heidi Abromowitz

Thanks to Ms. Rivers, residuals occasionally trickle in, when the hilarious bill-of-fare broadcasts on cable, mainstream TV, or in the International overseas market.

I expect the gig in San Francisco will sell out.

Break a leg, Joan!


Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street
San Francisco, CA


8 p.m.



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