Wednesday, March 16, 2011

John Travolta...indiscreet gay flirting! Kelly Preston ignores snub at trendy diner!

John led around by end of his co**!

According to a gossip-monger at one of the Gay Tabloid Rags, John Travolta's hunger for the sexy companionship of handsome young studs has escalated to the point where he's become shockingly indiscreet in front of his dotting wife and strangers in public.

The mind-boggling tell-all alleges that - at a trendy watering hole in LA LA LAND recently - the former "Saturday Night Fever" star made a blatant pass at a male waiter under the altruistic guise of wanting to "open doors" for the kid who is apparently trying to break into the biz.

Well, on the surface, it appears that the old "casting couch" is alive and well in Hollywood!

Before exiting the chic eatery - and as his wife twiddled-her-thumbs non-plussed across-the-table - John tried to fanagle the telephone number for the up-and-coming (wrong choice of words?) actor.

"Maybe I can help you get a start in film," the aging Lothario (who hangs out in steam rooms at a local gym where he lets it all hang-out) slyly gushed in so many words.

It was pretty much a given that John's overt pass was transparent - enough so - that the other diners supping nearly nearby within earshot (and sight) were aghast.

Couldn't the star have waited 'til Kelly dashed off to the restroom - or headed to the Valet - before lusting after the dude?

In contrast, I crossed paths with a famous actor a few years ago, who exhibited a lot more class (and sensitivity towards his date's feelings) in that regard.

I was in the parking lot at the back of the Globe Theatre one night in full costume - practising my lines before I dashed on stage in Act II - when the star of one of Aaron Spelling's Night-time Soaps trotted out to his parked car with a girlfriend in tow after dining at Hugo's restaurant next door in WeHo.

When our eyes met, it was obvious we were both smitten, but the hottie just gave a wink and moved along (his gal pal none-the-wiser).

After he drove off, I fantasized a bit about what may-have-been.

Then - lo & behold - he returned out-of-the-blue a short while later alone!

"I forgot my credit card," he grinned, as he hopped out of his pricey auto and dashed into the restaurant to allegedly retrieve it.

A few moments later, when he strolled back into the lot, he made a pass right-off-the-bat.

The impromptu clinch was as thrilling (and wild) as a romantic scene in a screwball comedy feature!

Without a moment's hesitation, we hopped into the front seat of my car excitedly, and started to fool around (as best we could under the passionate circumstances).

You see - I was hindered by the fact - I was attired in stockings and lace-up-boots to the knee.


I was performing in a period piece - EDWARD III (at the Globe Theatre) - and in full costume!

And, to make matters more maddening, I was required to trot on stage in about ten minutes flat for  my first entrance of the evening.

Needless to say, it was the quickie of all time, even if I do say so myself.

Although the handsome actor (Timothy Patrick Murphy) passed away a few years ago - memories of our brief encounter - often loom large in my dusty old memories (and still make my heart go pitter-patter).

Heh, John, you need to be a little more creative, eh?

Otherwise, the tongues will be wagging all over the town - you'll be on the front page of the trashy Nataional
Enquirer - and Kelly will be filing for divorce.

And, you thought Charlie Sheen was on a slippery slope to hell!

Final parting advice?

Stop being led around by your co**, John, it may get 'ya into serious trouble one of these days.


Sexy cutie turned heads!