Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Justin Bieber...Happy Birthday! Sweet 17 Pop Icon dating Selena Gomez!

Amidst the brouhaha of his 17th birthday, Justin Bieber has cranked up the frenzy a tad, with the official announcement that his heart is going pitter-patter over a gal pal.


The flavor of the month - with the raging hormones - is dating cutie Selena Gomez!

Tongues of gossips at the tabloid rags have been wagging that it's old news; after all, they caught the pretty twosome weeks ago in passionate clinches (spied pecks on the cheek, too) now-and-then on the fly on the high-profile celebrity circuit.


I vividly recall when I was 17!

Way back in the 60's - in my heady trippy-hippie daze - I got busted for dancing on a police car in the downtown streets of Toronto!

Post:  12/26/10


So, my advice to the "Bieb"?

Kick up your heels and par-tay hearty (fellow Canuck) dude!


Justin & his musical mentor!