Monday, March 7, 2011

Lindsay therapeutic! Trial looms on horizon!

Lindsay on path to recovery!


On a rare occasion, troubled starlet - Lindsay Lohan - threw open her doors and invited a film crew in to shoot an exclusive interview with "Extra" (Tabloid News Show).

In recent days, her handlers have run interference with the press - especially when it came to one-on-one interviews - in view of pending legal matters before the court.

In the comfy environs of her home near the beach, the "Mean Girls" star let it slip - for starters - that she loves to cook.

"I find it so therapeutic," she fessed up matter-of-fact.

The stylish sexpot doesn't appear to be packing on any extra flab, in spite of tasting the dishes, during the course of whipping 'em up.

In fact, in contrast to drug-addled bad-boy - Charlie Sheen - Ms. Lohan looked fresh-faced and relaxed as she spoke candidly before the camera.

Lohan, about half-way through the tell-all, was quick to underscore that she's anxious to get back to meaningful work.

Of course, that tough proposition will depend on the power-players in Tinsel Town (is she an insurance risk?) and a Judge presiding over an upcoming trial which looms on the horizon in respect to a felony charge of grand theft.

Ms. Lohan is quite adamant that she intends to "face the music" - and a take a shot at a played-out court-room drama - rather than accept a plea bargain which includes a stint at the local jail.

The ball may be in the recovering addict's court, though.

Over the weekend, it was revealed that her accusers may have sold an incriminating piece of evidence in the case (a video which allegedly caught Lohan in the act of lifting a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery valued at $2500.00) which may have harmed their credibility and tainted the prospects of a guilty verdict at trial.

There may be some wiggle room for Ms. Lohan, after all!

News at 11!

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