Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Joshua Gray’s gravemarker, finds a temporary home…...

 HIGPS, has found a temporary home for Little Joshua Gray’s, grave marker.
We’ve looked at several options and for now it will be housed
at the Chicamacomico Life Saving Station in Rodanthe, NC.
The station is to open April 18, and will be available for viewing at that time.
What our hopes are for the marker…
HIGPS, believes that the marker belongs at Little Kinnakeet.
We wish that it could be returned to the Gray Family Cemetery, from where it came.
But, there is a big erosion issue and not to mention that with our sometimes
harsh environment, the marker would soon meet the same fate as all the other wood
markers on the island. And that is of total decay.
So…here is what we would like to see happen.
For Little Kinnakeet Life Saving Station’s restoration to finally be completed
and for the marker to be housed there. As soon as we get our non-profit status
and tax id taken care of, we plan on taking donations to help fund for a memorial
stone marker to be made in it’s place. We’d like the marker to look similar
in design to the original.
Little Joshua’s death date is listed as Dec 24th, 1891. So with that said,
we’d like to have a dedication ceremony and memorial marker placement
around that time. This will all depend on funding for the project.
Once again, we’d like to thank all who assisted in the historical journey
of Little Joshua Gray’s marker, back to Hatteras Island.

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