Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Olympic Hotel...Los Angeles slum landords violate tenant rights! Illegal evictions! Bug Infestations!


Slum landlords - like the ones who own the Olympic Hotel at 725 South Westlake in downtown Los Angeles - are playing fast-and-loose with tenancy laws and violating renter rights in the process.

For example, tenants have complained that owners at the seedy Olympic Hotel have failed to provide heat, hot water, or alleviate nasty bug infestations when they rear their ugly often (monthly!).

And, when a demand is made to to make the quarters livable, management ignores the requests.

On occasion, when a tenant attempts to assert their rights, employees at the run-down Hotel pack up the complainant's possessions, change the locks, and turf the disgruntled individual into the street without proper legal notice.

Easily done!

The outrageous inhumane acts are accomplished by deceitful maneuvers - and the manipulation of existing Landlord/Tenancy Laws - in the State of California.

For example, when a room is rented by the week or month, the tenant is not provided with any written terms of agreement (nor are they apprised of their legal rights).

Somehow, the unsuspecting renter is expected to fathom his-or-her obligations out-of-thin air!


Once installed on the premises, tenants are left to fend for themselves without so much as a hello - or, how are you? - until next rent day rolls around.

In sum, ccomplaints are generally ignored, in spite of the fact the well-being of the tenants may be in jeopardy.

With a bit of arm-twisting, the manager may be inclined to a pesky complaint issue on a fix-it list, but chances are the problem will never be addressed (not in this lifetime, anyway).

The shocking violations of the law are simply shrugged off (or swept under the thread-bare rug in the garbage-ridden halls).

In the event a tenant holds back on the rent, in a last-ditch effort to rustle up some action, they'll get a rude awakening!

The landlord will simply toss the tenant into the street without legal notice or observance of any of their tenancy rights!

What just happened?

The landlord has taken advantage of the landlord-tenant provision that stipulates that an individual does not have any legal rights until he has resided on the premises for at least thirty days.

The beauty of it all?

The landlord is keen to the fact the tenant can ill afford an attorney - and that he/she lacks the wherewithal - to pursue their rights because they are impoverished and lack the funds to do so.

Mr. Mayor, there outta be a law!

News at 11!

Los Angeles rife with despicable slum landlords!