Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OUT Magazine...Men's fashion show @ Macy's! Trevor Project fundraiser!


Daniel Radcliffe donated to Trevor Project last year!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Menswear featured!

Now that spring is in full-swing - and the birds & the bees are buzzing - stylish males are striding out the front door with a bounce in their step in search of scintillating eye-catching fashions to strut their stuff as the sizzling hot daze of summer approaches.

On Friday - April 1st (no fooling!) - style-concious dudes won't have to go farther than Macy's to snap up a few wardrobe essentials for sure!

After all - OUT Magazine is hosting a jazzy men's runway show featuring exquisite collections of Menswear from - Hugo Boss, Armani Jeans, Tallia, Micah Cohen, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and the Sons of Intrigue - to name a few!

Yigit Pura - the Executive Pastry Chef of "Taste Catering & Event Planning" (winner of the premiere season of Bravo's Top Chef: Just Desserts) - will be on hand to serve up delectable treats, too.

The fundraiser benefits The Trevor Project (one of Daniel Radcliff's charities, of course).

The organization utilizes monies coming into the non-profit's coffers to focus on crisis and suicide prevention efforts in the LGBT community.



A minium suggested donation for entry to the event is $25.00!

See 'ya there...

Spanking new James Bond?