Thursday, March 10, 2011

Red Hawk economical day trip! San Francisco pleasures!

'Ya never know when lady luck will smile your way and grease the old palm!

For example, just before I boarded a tour bus headed back to downtown San Francisco the other night, I plugged a dollar into the slot machine at the Red Hawk Casino.

Imagine that!

I won a whopping $17.00 bucks (approximate) with a 3-cent bet!

Needless to say, I trotted back to my Hotel feeling like a winner!

If you're a local - or a tourist jetting off to San Francisco for a gander at the picturesque sights - take in the Red Hawk Casino just outside of the perimeters of the historic city.

At Clay & Kearny Streets a tour bus pulls up at specified times of the day to whisk folks away for a brief respite from the hectic traffic and hustle-and-bustle of the thriving metropolis that is San Francisco.

In the evening - at 8 o'clock - the two-way fare is a paltry $5.00!

And, when excited gamblers tumble off the coach to head indoors to the Casino once they've arrived, they are treated to a coupon for $15.00 of free slot play.

I actually spent an entertaining evening on the slots using up the house money alone.

No treks to the ATM for moi!

But, you may die of thirst before gambling away all the moolah!

Unfortunately, the waitresses on the floor are slow on-the-uptake.

But, for those who don't mind jumping up-and-down - and taking a jaunt around the Casino floor - refreshments (non-alcoholic) are available for free (on a self-serve basis) at two locations at Red Hawk.

In addition - thirsty patrons anxious for a gulp of cold refreshing beer - can snap one up at the cafe for a scant $2.50 a pop.

Although the pastries are pricey - french fries, on the other hand - are a great bargain to jockey in line for.

When the waitress sauntered over with a large "to-go" bag in her sweaty little palm, I thought she'd mixed up the orders, or something like that.


For $1.50 I ended up with a mound of tasty french fries that quelled my late-night munchie urges, alright!

The Casino ride down on the highway (during daytime hours) is pretty and takes about two hours.

And, the grounds of Red Hawk, are an uplifting sight for the eyes - too!

A large rock formation - featuring an awesome waterfall at the entrance (topped by two grand trees) - is soothing to sit by if you want to contemplate life for a moment or two after the adrenalin rush of gambling inside has worn off a tad.

See 'ya there, eh?

Red Hawk out in the pretty sticks!