Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sahara Hotel & Casino...Las Vegas gambling joint to shut-down! Consumer alert warning!

The brief news snippet in the morning paper - reporting that the Sahara Hotel & Casino was closing its once-celebrated doors - didn't surprise me one iota!

Tattler readers may recall that I posted a consumer alert about the deceptive business practices at the Hotel last year, with the dire warning that they book lodgings elsewhere, to gurantee a fun-filled vacation frolic in the desert oasis free of headaches.

Post:  09/16/2009

Film buffs will recall that in its glory days, producers for the successful feature - Ocean's Eleven - shot on location in the exotic environs of the Morocccan-themed resort situated at the end of the main strip in glitzy Las Vegas.

SBE Chief Executive officer Sam Nazarian (a Los Angeles-based hospitality and entertainment group and Stockbridge) snapped up the Sahara in 2007 and vowed to invigorate the sagging investment property.

But now, it appears that the ailing Hotel will slip into obscurity when it is shut down in May.

No doubt, the ghosts of the rack pack (Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr.) will continue to haunt the premises 'til then.

Poor quality food, over-priced rooms - and a failure to keep up with the heartbeat of "Sin City" - spelled doom (as I predicted many moons ago).

I trust the place will be imploded, sit empty for a year or two, or be revamped by ambitious optimistic investors with money to burn somewhere down the long-and-winding road.

News at 11!

The rat pack in their heyday!