Wednesday, March 30, 2011

San Francisco Giants...Nightclubs "Play Ball" on strip! Promo pushes Black & Orange & Gear Logo!

In a move to drum up business during the upcoming baseball season (Home Opener April 8th) a handful of late-night hot (as in curvaceous and sexy) spots are offering up discounts for patrons who turn up at the door in Black & Orange (Giants team colors) and/or logo gear.

Go! Giants! Go!

Obviously, the owners are hopping on the bandwagon in the wake of the Giants fever that erupted the last championship season, which resulted in packed pubs around the city.

Clubs like - Roaring 20's, Broadway Showgirls, Larry Flint's Hustler Club, and the HungryI (to name a few) - are launching the ballsy in-your-face promo in a bold-faced effort to steal some of the thunder (and cash) out of the greasy hands of pub owners who scrambled to serve houses packed with thirsty baseball enthusiasts (and made a killing in the process).

Do 'ya suppose the strippers will be teasing Giants fans in skimpy "G" strings highlighted with Orange & Black frilly flourishes in all the erotic places?

Dudes, don't forget your rubbers - er - sneakers, eh?

Baseball caps a favorite!