Saturday, March 5, 2011

San Francisco Public Library...dim-witted rude staff annoy! Turf 'em out!


Though San Francisco has a stunning main library - stocked with a raft of precious beautifully-bound books (and comfy environs to relax in) - the experience is often spoiled by overbearing library staff drunk-with-power anxious to exert their limited authority over the patrons.

For example, although tourists and locals alike are invited to avail themselves of computers (at taxpayer's expense) to check e-mail and surf the Internet for a myriad of legitimate reasons (travel info, research materials, etc.), snotty clerks will invariably trot up and rudely make a point of reading the riot act in respect to the rules and regulations (without provocation).

"If someone is waiting, you  have to step aside," one little fart - with stupid written on his forehead - barked at startled guests this afternoon on the fourth floor of the downtown facility.


The folks were abiding by the rules and the intrusion was unnecessary!

It's bad enough that library management has deemed it necessary to number the chairs in the waiting area in bold ubiquitous lettering (in case anyone gets confused, folks!) and thought it of dire importance to post a set of juvenile instructions on the wall so that patrons may be able to fathom (!) how to sit in regimented sequence while waiting their turn.


Just because these losers in the employ of the Library were obviously toilet-trained too early - and are too dumb to figure things out - doesn't mean to say it is so with intelligent, well-educated individuals, who frequent the facility.

Notwithstanding, it's obvious to any fool who saunters into the "Main" - as Herb Caan referred to it in his daily column in the morning paper for years - that this institute of learning (!) is overstaffed with a gang of lazy lay-abouts bent on picking their noses and scratching their fat asses all-day.

No matter, that the City's budget is straining in these tough economic times, and in need of trimming!

I say, turf out half of these idiots, and make the others toil (rustle up some sweat!) to earn their pay cheques.


Staff too lazy & stuck up to assist patrons!