Thursday, March 3, 2011

San Francisco...dirty cops accused of illegal searches! I witnessed Rights Violations!

Officials are alleging that San Francisco Police Officers engaged in illegal search and seizures - and falsified reports to back up their cavalier law enforcement procedures - which were in direct violation of individuals rights.

In support of their accusations, investigators have offered up videos to back up the damning claims.

For example, footage captured by hallway surveillance cameras show that during the searches, Officers had a master key - and in one case quickly used it to open up the door - so four officers could rush in and grab a suspect who was quickly dragged into the hall and handcuffed.

In their defense, the Officers in question have asserted that they were led to the suspect apartments by virtue of  legitimate tips (by snitches?).

Although they did not secure search warrants, the rogue cops have sworn up-and-down, that they followed constitutional requirements by getting consent before entering said premises in order to search the rooms.

I personally witnessed this kind of  illegal conduct by the San Francisco Police Department in the recent past.

A few months ago, I was staying at a small Hotel in the North Beach area, when I overheard a commotion in the hallway.

I put my ear to the door, and overheard a couple of males (who identified themselves as San Francisco Police Officers) bang on doors with their fists, and demand that tenants open up.

Through an open window, I also overheard a curious conversation between two guests in the quaint little Hotel.

"Did they ask to see your identification," one shaken tourist grumbled to his friend.

If there was no answer at a door, San Francisco's finest moved on down the hall at random, to the next.

I immediately turned down the volume on my TV and sat quietly on my bed for a second or two.

Sure enough, they pounded on my door, too.

So, I made like the room was empty, and ignored their request to open the door.

Wouldn't you?

After all, I was keenly aware that the San Francisco cops were flagrantly violating the letter of the law under color of authority.

At this juncture, a full investigation has been requested by City Officials, fortunately.

"Perjury is a crime...a felony...and so is filing a false police report," public defender Jeff Adachi, noted for the record.

"The integrity of the criminal justice system is in question.  If you can't trust what a police office testifies to, it calls into question what they're doing out there.


Adachi said it would be appropriate for an independent agency to get involved because the District Attorney - George Garcon - whose office would decide if criminal charges should be filed against the officers was Police Chief when the searches took place.

"That creates an obvious conflict of interest," Adachi concluded.

Although Gascon has opened up an investigation to determine whether there was any criminal wrongdoing on the part of the officers, he has scoffed at the notion that the matter be handed over to an outside agency.

And so, the corruption continues, in my estimation!

Fairy Tale notions about San Francisco!