Thursday, March 3, 2011

San Francisco...plaid shirts! Tongues heard wagging in Castro District!

Rugged-looking plaid shirt always in Vogue!

According to the scuttlebutt, life is a bitch for shoppers out for a bargain in second-hand shops in the Castro District (affectionately known to the locals as gay gulch).
For starters, dudes are SOL if they trot into "Out of the Closet" or "Goodwill" stores, especially when it comes to rugged street wear with masculine appeal.

"All the plaid shirts have been snatched up by the Dykes," one disgruntled fashionista grumbled to a buddy just this afternoon on Market Street.

Of course, now that John Gallianos is on the "outs" with Dior, it's wholly possible that there may be an influx of stylish threads showing up on the racks in coming days.

Caution, guys!

Delicately remove the labels, or you may be accused of being a Nazi sympathizer!


Nazi lover falls from Grace @ Dior?