Thursday, March 3, 2011

San Francisco...rainy day tips! Subterranean forays a delight!


If you're like moi, and hate the prospect of hauling around an umbrella all day under the unpredictable skies of picturesque San Francisco, there is another novel option.

For example, along Market Street - in the subterranean tunnels that house BART - savvy world-class travellers are not only discovering the delights of an intriguing underworld that are blocks long beneath the bustling city streets above - but remaining drip-dry in the process!

The emboldened few have been caught up in the "other-worldly" nature of the phenomenon, in recent days (myself included).

Entertaining street musicians strum here for their dinner, after all, as stylish cosmopolitan commuters pass through exacting revolving turn-styles - to exciting destinations beyond with a sense of adventure in their every step.

Gosh, I think I may plunk myself down one day soon, and offer up a handful of my sketches to tourists for a song.

Ah, back to my bohemian artistic roots, at long last!

See 'ya there!

Night Skyline in San Francisco!