Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scandals...of the Privileged Few! A novel by Julian Ayrs! Serialized on The Tattler!


"Scandals of the Privileged Few" is a novel by Julian Ayrs set in the picturesque climbs of San Francisco!

Julian's latest literary work (to be serialized each week at "The Tattler" on the web) features a juicy plot sure to captivate the most intelligent discriminating fans of fiction.

Undoubtedly, avid readers will be titillated by the delicious cast of curious characters as their - sometimes tawdry, but always entertaining - stories unfold each week!

Robert Steele

A brash young attorney in his mid-thirties, with a flair for fashion (he despises dreaded umbrellas, though), Robert climbs (and beds) his way to the top of the conniving back-stabbing legal profession on the treacherous West Coast without looking back (or having any regrets).

Danny Bloomer

A self-styled bisexual with a passion (and weakness) for blonds in faded blue jeans.

Unfortunately, the talented auteur is always a scant heartbeat from the memory of a former lover (who departed from this mortal coil too soon) which may be his undoing.

Melony Vanderbilt Kidd ("Butch")

Even by her own standards, "Butch" is a "walking cliche", alright!

Strong-willed and defiant - the privileged kid from the right side of the tracks - is an endearing "misfit" with a special knack for weaseling her way into the private incestuous lives of the high-and-mighty.

Next to her skillfully penned "Memoires", Andy Warhol was a slouch in the literary department!

Candace Whitney

A classy dame who gravitates to fame and fortune like moth to flame.

Ms. Whitney is the ultimate social butterfly (with bags of loot to boot) adept at flitting about the tony environs of the elite uppercrust - with no door unopened or key unlocked - if she had her druthers.

But, a mysterious past lurks on the horizon, sure to knock her flat on her pretty ass if she's not more forgiving or discreet in the future.

Brad Butler II

This dreamy blue-eyed surfer dude pines for Mr. Right. 

And, he has all the prerequisites to lure the bait, you betcha!

But, will his naivete be his downfall - ultimately - in the sleazy down-and-out cut-throat underbelly of debauched Tinsel Town?

The Contessa

The Royal is rumored to own the Villa at 88 Stone Canyon Trail on Cypress Ridge. 

But, the tongues really wagged one fateful evening recently, when it is was revealed that the elusive beauty was once the lesbian lipstick lover of sultry screen siren Greta Garbo!

Stay posted for Chapter One!