Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Screen Actors Guild...actors reach settlement in class-action! Union sued for Foreign Residuals!

If you performed in a motion picture, television program, or other audio-visual work - that earned foreign royalties - your rights as an actor  may be affected by a recent court-approved class action settlement.

On February 18th (2011), the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, approved a class action settlement in Case No. BC377780 (Osmond v. Screen Actors Guild, Inc.) and ordered that all actors affected be provided a copy of the "Judgment and Order" Granting the "Final Approval" of the Class Action Settlement.

Interested parties may view the document to determine their eligibility to be a part of the "class" by cruising over to SAG’s website.


The lawsuit arose as a result of the collection and distribution of royalties (also known as levies) on blank DVDs and tapes in several foreign nations.

Various countries have adopted laws imposing royalties, which are designed to provide compensation to rights holders, including performers in motion pictures and other works.

The Plaintiffs (and each of them) alleged in their causes of action that the Screen Actors Guild failed to properly distribute foreign royalties to performers.

In their moving papers, SAG asserted that they acted appropriately in their capacity as Union Reps, handled all foreign royalties properly, and proceeded to vehemently deny all the subsequent allegations, in addition to pleading other defenses.

The settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing or an indication that any law was violated.

For further information, please contact SAG representatives at the following web address.



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