Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Steroids...headline on use of drugs in Sports misleading? Barry Bonds perjury trial upcoming!

I did a double-take bright-and-early this morning when a headline in the daily caught my eye.

Believe it or not, the caption read:

"Players to testify on steroids"


Was the reporter who penned the feature insuating that a posse of Sports figures were going to testify in court while "on" (under the influence) of body-and-mind-altering steroids?

Actually, no.

I expect that to save space, the quickie headline was drummed up by either a sleepy editor - or a sly cheeky one - who thought no one would sit up and take notice!

Not moi!

In all truth, the feature article revealed that a handful of athletes would be called to testify at the upcoming Barry Bonds' perjury trial, in respect to the alleged widespread use of the magic muscle-pumping formula that has become pablum for a galaxy of professional ball players on-and-off the field.

If not, I expect, the unsuspecting lug-heads will be tested at the door of the courtroom when they either enter (or exit) the legal proceedings.


Stay clean, fellas.


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