Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twitter...settles with FTC on privacy issues! Tweeters can sleep nights!

If you recall, in recent months Twitter was accused of flagrantly disregarding the privacy rights of its members on their ever-popular burgeoning website.

In the wake of a full-scale investigation, Twitter, Inc. has agreed to discontinue questionable practices, with the specific aim of resolving the issues - and ultimately - avoid further scrutiny (and possible prosecution) by the Government.

Inside sources have informed me that according to the terms of the agreement, Twitter is barred from misleading consumers about the extent to which the company protects their security, privacy, and the confidentiality of nonpublic consumer information for at least twenty years.

Because Twitter had a tendency to pooh pooh the potential dangers of their negligent acts, hackers were able to - not only take control of Twitter - but also access nonpublic user information and messages that consumers had designated as private.

On the heels of carrying out the wrongful acts, hackers proceeded to send out bogus tweets from accounts, without much detection.

It has also been disclosed that hackers took advantage of the vulnerabilities on at least two occasions - between the months of January and May of last year - respectively.

Congrats to the Feds!

Now tweeters can sleep at night, or can they?

News at 11!

But, leave my privacy alone!