Sunday, April 10, 2011

2012 U.S. Elections...Mexicans may swing votes in Florida! Politicians to grovel?

United States of Mexicana

Sarah Palin scopes polling stations!

Americans across the country sat bolt upright in their armchairs this past week when a late-night news broadcast reported that in a scant few years - the Latino population in the United States - has tripled from 15 million to 50 million strong!

A smartly-dress political pundit proceeded to underscore that because of this immigrant trend, the chips may be stacked against potential candidates who don't kow-tow to the Mexican community's demands in Florida, for example, in the upcoming election in 2012.

Corrupt politicians - with connections in high places (think along the lines of  George W. Bush cronies) - aren't necessarily going to be able to snatch up the ticket without a tough fight in the final analysis.

If a politician wants to take the State (and bask in the glow of a victory) - whether Democrat or Republican - he (or she) is going to have to appeal to that sector of the community apparently.

Is President Obama above a little schmoozing, or does he also intend to reach out to the immigrants and an obvious force in the United States that is to reckon with now?

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