Friday, April 22, 2011

4 Tricks Generate Unique Libido (sex lust)

Eating aphrodisiac or exercise, is a common way to increase your sex drive. Did you know that there is a way 'nyeleneh' but it proved effective to raise your libido and your partner? This unique way does not involve strong medications like Viagra or porn videos. Then what? Check out these five odd way, as quoted from Thestir.

1. Aroma Gasoline & Meat Grill
A survey in Britain found that women feel excited when the smell of paint, gasoline and the skin on her partner. In the survey described, aroma gives a romantic feeling happy memories even in women. As for the men, scented body lotion, lipstick and a roast aroma of cooked spouse can increase their passion for redemption.

2. Clean House
A recent study states the more often you and your partner clean the house, the more often you make love. Researchers are revealing, while doing homework together, you and your partner will feel the togetherness and a deeper relationship with each other.

3. Eating Ginger Cake
Ginger improves blood circulation which acts as a 'tonic' natural. It is already believed to be from a few centuries ago that taking ginger can increase your sex drive.

4. Clothing Wear Red Color
Research from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that men become more aggressive if you see a woman wearing a red dress. Interestingly, women also feel sexy when wearing a red shirt.